Drop a pin, tell a story!

Stories are important to us human critters. They let us remember things that are important. They guide and teach us how to be in the world. Most importantly, they are used to facilitate understanding between people and groups. Through stories, we can understand how other people live, how they think, what’s important to them.

Even though being not-so-straight is getting easier in many parts of the world, the struggle for tolerance, acceptance, dignity, or the mere right to live honestly is still present. While the LGBTQ communities are gaining an increasingly global outlook, we, as individuals, still have very different ways of negotiating our identities and living our everyday lives in different contexts. In some countries, mostly in the US and Europe, it is getting easier and easier to be out and live openly. In many other countries, LGBTQ individuals are still very repressed. By sharing stories, we can give each other hope, while also understanding what life is like for someone who is LGBTQ in a country we may not know a lot about.

GlobalTraQs' purpose is to map out YOUR stories, and give them a place in the world, and in history.

No story is too insignificant to tell. Remember, you're contributing to a giant map of not-so-straight stories so people can visualize the once-invisible worlds of LGBTQ communities. For people living in isolation, thinking they're the only person in their part of the world that feels the way they do, seeing other people's stories might give them the strength to carry on.